a vision of flourishing

We believe in building a better community, each of us coming together to support this University in ways we are able.


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"The task of restoration speaks to the responsibility and the privilege of honoring the legacy with which we have been entrusted."

why restore?

The Rotunda is the symbol of our University.

Together, we can contribute not only to the flourishing of the centerpiece of our community, but to the flourishing of our community itself.

our team

Reid Morin (Chairman), Danny McCabe, Ryan Gregory, Hunter Leath (Technology)

RestoreUVA was built by a few students, with the help of so many University supporters. If you would like to help, please email us at team@restoreuva.com

Special Thanks

Mike Herrick

Wahoo Photography

Jay Aswadi

Richard Branson

Ben Yobp

Allen Groves

Better World Collective

Tina Rees

Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative

Virginia Athletics

Brent Beringer

Katie Kuzin

Alton Lane

Ben Milner

Bob Sweeney

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